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Muditva helps traditional organizations navigate and find success in the digital world. We evaluate existing customer interactions, performance metrics, data and capabilities to create a strategy for the new experience a company wishes to provide its customers. All customer touch points,
from digital to in-store to phone, are considered.

Our Agile Approach Benefiting Clients.
Our Agile Teams Using Custom Developed Methods Increase Productivity and Generate Business Value to Our Clients Faster. We've Proven Over Cases that Our Technology Solutions Applied to using Agile and Learn Principles Ensures that we work Very well with Agile Development Teams and Provides Clients with Shortened Feedback Loop that Ultimately Ensures Clients Business Value Faster.

Software development – Muditva has been a leader in outsourced custom software development. With a team of more than 50 software developers, we use an Agile approach to ensure high-quality software that adds business value and is delivered into production faster. We service more than 20 customers globally and provide medium to the large web, desktop and mobile custom software solutions. Our technical expertise includes Microsoft.Net (including Azure solutions), Enterprise Java and mobile (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Muditva's Vision is to Make People's Life Better by Empowering with Innovative Technologies and Tools that Revolutionise Productivity. We Provide Expertise and Skills that Help Businesses take Advantage of Constantly Evolving Technologies. Muditva's Assured Solutions are Designed to Meet the Exclusive Needs of Business and Public and That's What makes us Different.

About Muditva

We are Innovative and Dynamic Technology and Services Company that is Passionate about Beacon Technologies and all the Potential it has to help Solve problems and Improve people's Lives. We Like to be Challenged and Show our Creative Sides when Finding Solutions. Whilst we like to have Fun & Enjoy What we Do - we are Professionals.

For us, Every Customer Engagement is a Partnership Built on the Quality of our Work and respect we get for delivering results. It's Our Privilege to work for you, help you and Progress Your Organization -Together!

Technology Convergence

Transform your operations by integrating different technologies. Unify and integrate systems to help bring operational control, improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. We are able to help deliver complete solutions using the latest IOT connectivity.

Business Intelligence

Revolutionize your business by finding and understanding connections that really matter. Discover and track the variables that are most important to your core values such as customer engagement, operational improvements, and risk management through Ai, machine learning and pattern recognition.

Cloud Services

Working in partnership with leading service providers we are able to help you transition your IT system to a cloud-based model. Reduce costs, access powerful computing and scale your system as required. Simple billing and financial control, instant, reliable and secure access to your data anytime, anywhere.

Elements and Portfolio

We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make clients happy.
Working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

Why Muditva

Muditva's Assured and Diverse Solutions are Designed to Meet the Exclusive Needs of India's Public Sector. And That's What Makes us Different. We developed an offering which is Solely Focused on India's Public Sector and its Very Specific Requirements.

Change is Mandatory for Extraordinary Results!!

Easy to Adopt, Use and Leave: Migration / Adoption to Muditva's Suit of Services and Products are Easy and Within minutes and No Minimum Contracts, you Only Pay for What you Use. Together This Provides an Easy Cost Model with Predictable Costs and Covering the Major Segments of India - Financial, Educational and Health Care!

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Republic Citizen Service (RCS)

RCS. All the Services You Need in One Place. RCS Helps you to Jump start your Living Experience Covering Basic Services to Complex Procedures for Learning, Spending and Well Being. RCS Provides a Seamless Experience at Doorstep, Information and Guidance on Everything to anything Specific to the Needs and Requirements time to Time.

Do it the RCS Way, No Hassles, Only Service!!

RCS Empowers Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Citizens to Exercise their Rights, Services and Ease of Access through the Provision of High Quality Technology Driven Single Point of Contact , as well as Capacity Building for Society and Organizations.

RCS Aspires to be the India's Resource Centre, On Citizen's Rights and Requirements, Needs and Deeds for an Inclusive Transparent Democratic India. Where the Benefits of Indian Citizenship can be fully Tapped.

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Power Behind Public Sector Technology. Expert Partners in Digital Transformation of India's Public Services, Local and National Govt. to Improve ICT For Community.


Building Complex, Industrial, Mission Critical Legacy Applications designed to be Agile, Flexible and Cloud Friendly

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Dedicated to the Specialist ICT Needs of the Emergency Services, Data Protection and Expert Care For Information and Communication Technologies.